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Japanese Garden

Future Site of Our Japanese Garden

Steve Cutwright of WSFCS tells Mrs. Wright our site is okay.
We can proceed!
                                                                                                                                            Steve had to survey the spot we picked to see if it was adequate for our garden. Since it is hidden fron the street and is close enough to the bulding to have water and electricty for our pond the he said it was okay.
Irma Jackson, a parent volunteer and Master Gardener,
 shares her ideas.
Ashley Wagoner and Dale Gramley Discuss the Tori Gate and building bamboo fences.
Ashley is a Master gardener from Seattle, Washington, and Dale is the Owner of Salem Woodworking in Winston-Salem.

Steve Cutwright, Vera Wright, Mary Jac Brennan
and Judy Uhrig


Mary Jac Brennan is here to help us from the Forsyth County Agricultural Extension. She will help us design and implement our garden.